Tectonus seismic hold downs


State of the art devices

The Tectonus tank hold device (RSFD) is a self-centring , damage-free anchorage system that offers superior seismic protections for storage tanks and assets.

Earthquakes can cause significant damage to tanks during the initial event and further during aftershocks. If sacrificial components or complete replacement is required between events, the tanks are at increased risk.

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Advantages that make the difference

No sacrifical parts

Devices are designed to withstand earthquakes and aftershocks without repair or replacement

"R" Factor of 1.0 or Higher

With exceptional damping, the Tectonus devices can provide significant increase to the R factor

Simple installation

Devices can be installed on new or existing tanks

Use current tank design

The Tectonus hold down devices does NOT require tank thickness to be increased

Performance tested

Each Tectonus device is performance tested to ensure it performs to its required specification.

Lower foundation costs

Foundation costs may be less than usual when choosing to implement the Tectonus hold downs

Design with Tectonus

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