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Tectonus tank rows


Blenheim, New Zealand

Tank solutions

Yealands is one of New Zealand’s most prominent wine brands with a company vision of thinking innovatively, pushing boundaries and producing exceptional wines.

The Yealands group operates a state-of-the-art winery in Marlborough and boasts impressive tank storage facilities on-site to create their award-winning wines. Having experienced several seismic events in the Marlborough region, Yealands has focused on sustainability and future-proofing to ensure business continuity and growth.

Key Features

  • Multi-cycle capacity devices

  • Maintenance Free (with no sacrificial elements)

  • Each unit is performance tested and verified

  • Installed on-site with minimum time and labor

  • Seismic demand on foundations and tank walls was reduced by approximately 30% with RSFD units

  • Design assisted in meeting Insurance requirements

Key Figures

  • “R” FACTOR = 1

  • Tank volume: 175kL

  • Tank diameter: 4.7m T

  • Tank height: 11m

  • Tectonus devices 150kN

  • Every unit performance tested before shipment

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