Who We Are

Tectonus is a structural solutions company offering earthquake resilient technology.

The company's platform technology is the easily built and retrofitted joint: the Resilient Slip Friction Joint (RSFJ).

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Our Technology

The patented RSFJ technology not only allows a structure to withstand seismic activity by providing reliable friction damping but also includes an inherent self-centering function; a characteristic which greatly improves building resilience and eliminates post event maintenance.

There is no other product in the industry providing both damping and self-centring in such a compact and retrofit ready configuration.

Our Vision

To create ingenious and safe seismic solutions that are simple to incorporate in a structure, that minimises the economic impact and empower people to live and prosper in earthquake prone zones.

Vodafone xone

Tectonus was selected to be part of the 2017 Vodafone startup accelerator program: xone. Watch our video for some highlights of the program and our technology.
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Meet the Team

Pierre Quenneville


Pierre has been in academia and civil engineering business since 1988. He has worked in top Universities in Canada and was Head of Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Auckland most recently.
Pierre sits on a number of leading committees globally and is a co-inventor of the portal timber frame Quick-Connect connection.


Pouyan Zarnani


With experience across professional civil projects as Civil Engineer, Head of Civil Engineering Office and Site Manager; Pouyan brings a wealth of practical experience alongside his time in research and academia. He authored a design guide for timber rivet connections and most recently invented the RSFJ platform technology.

Ashkan Hashemi

Engineering Manager

Ashkan has had years of practical experience in professional engineering projects as Head of Engineering Office, Project Manager, Head of R&D and structural engineer. Ashkan received his PhD, with distinction, in Civil Engineering from University of Auckland and now is responsible for the design of Tectonus products as well as modelling, design and testing of structures with Tectonus technology.

Keane Lee

Business Development Manager

Keane has been a part of numerous projects in which he performed a role of market and patentability analysis, devising strategies for commercialisation and developing business plans. With a Master of Bioscience Enterprise, he has participated in prize winning company forming.

Anya Valyashko

Marketing Manager

Anya has worked in several professional services companies in the Marketing  department. Her experience ranges across client facilities, market research, strategy, communication and project management.


Tectonus is proud to work and be partnered with industry leading organisations.