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A higher standard for seismic resilience.

Tectonus was born in the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquakes 2010-2011. 

After that event, more than 70% of central city buildings were destroyed. Not by the earthquake but because it wasn’t economically viable to repair them. Anything with a residual drift over 0.5% was considered too far gone to fix.

On top of the lives lost, there was great economic loss: the central city was shut to the public for 27 months; more than 50% of businesses were displaced and did not return; the insurance payout was the third highest in history. Not to mention the carbon costs of rebuilding a city. 

Surely, there had to be a better way? 

Tectonus’ founders began thinking about ways to protect a building from damage. To reduce residual drift so that damage would be minimal and the occupants could go back in almost immediately. To do this in a way that didn't involve throwing more concrete and steel at the problem. After several years of applied research, the Tectonus technology was born.

Six years on, we’ve partnered with leading structural engineers in New Zealand and Canada. More than 20 projects have been successfully delivered. Many more are in the works, in Japan, USA and Turkey. The leadership team are backed by professional venture investors and an experienced Board.

Our aim is to help engineers build 100,000 structures with true seismic resilience by the end of the decade.  


We have the capabilities to ensure that your next project is an outstanding success. 

  • Design strategy - concept to detailed

  • Non linear time history analysis

  • Linear / displacement based design

  • Structural modeling using ETABS, SAP2000

  • Connection design and implementation

  • Performance-based design and peer review



Our technology solves seismic performance issues with a range of structural and non-structural applications. 

  • Damping and self-centering friction connections

  • Damping only friction connections

  • Bespoke software tools to accelerate design and modeling

  • In-house testing tools and processes

  • Measuring displacement for quick and visual assessment of seismic devices



Seismic Experts – we are experts in seismic structural design as well as developers of the patented Tectonus technology which spun out of Auckland University in 2016. 

Relentlessly Tested – on top of years of performance testing in accordance with leading international standards, every unit we ship is fully tested to the design level earthquake.

Exceptional Support – we pride ourselves on our technical support, helping engineers to optimize their designs realizing maximum cost saving and resilience benefits for their clients.