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The Tectonus team are innovators driven by research and pushing technology advancements

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Structural devices


Storage Tank devices


Raising resilience in seismic prone zones

Seismic zones worldwide have ever increasing need to be prepared for the next event. The Tectonus team started their journey by probing whether there was a better way to protect structures from earthquakes and aftershocks.  Our journey began.

Our Journey

Tectonus emerged from the collaborative efforts of New Zealand based researchers pioneering the future of structural resilience. Tectonus specializes in structural solutions for the future. Ambitious in the vision of developing real step-change solutions for the next generation.
To create seismic technology that will revolutionize how we can live & prosper in earthquake prone zones.

tɛ́k - tón - ə́s

Tectonus name origins
A nod to tectonic plates and tone (or tonus in Greek) for consistent tension to maintain strength and resilience.


Tectonus founded & head office opens in Auckland, NZ
Validation testing, full scale tests are completed at University of Auckland


Tectonus begins production on first project Nelson Airport Terminal
Vodafone XONE selects Tectonus in program intake


New Zealand airport Nelson Airport Terminal


Medical center : Hutt Valley Health Hub (IL4 building)
First international project in Vancouver, Canada with Fast+Epp

Awards & Nominations

ANZLF Innovation& Growth Award

Tectonus was honoured to be the recipient of the Innovation & Growth Award. Read more

Research & Development

We like to give things a good shake! 

Research and new tech drive the Tectonus crew. The research is ongoing and continues with the support of partners and affiliate organisations. Contact us for collaboration & partnership opportunities. info@tectonus.com

Technical Leadership Team

Passionate about innovation and technology.
Our Technical Directors lead our talented research and developments teams.

Pierre Quenneville


Pierre has been in academia and civil engineering business since 1986. He has worked in top Universities in Canada and was Head of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Auckland between 2011 and 2017. Pierre sits on a number of leading committees globally, namely the Technical Committee of the CSA Design of Wood Structures standard. His contributions to the engineering community range from commercial business ventures such as 'STIC' and co-inventing of the portal timber frame Quick-Connect connection.

Pierre leads the commercial and technical progress of the Tectonus team. His success with research extends to overseeing multiple research projects with governmental and academic backing.



With experience across professional civil projects as Civil Engineer, Head of Civil Engineering Office and Site Manager; Pouyan brings a wealth of practical experience alongside his time in research and academia. He authored a design guide for timber rivet connections and developed the RSFJ and RSFD technology.

Pouyan has passion for creativity and future design; his role as CTO sees him run successful R&D initiatives and overseeing the technical recommendations to engineers and designers.

Ashkan Hashemi

Technical Manager

Ashkan has held roles as Head of Engineering Office, Project Manager, Head of R&D and Structural Engineer. Ashkan received his PhD, with distinction, in Civil Engineering from University of Auckland and received awards with highly regarded papers presented globally.

Ashkan is responsible for the design of Tectonus products, engineering modelling, design and validation testing of applications with Tectonus technology. He advises on best practice for modelling and cost-saving impacts on structural design.

Keane Lee

Chief Business Officer

Keane has been a part of numerous projects in which he performed a role of market and patentability analysis, devising strategies for commercialization and developing business plans. With a Master of Bioscience Enterprise, he has participated in prize winning company forming. His passion lies in future technology and innovation.

Keane is responsible for the finance, strategy and commercial expansion of the business. He is well versed in all areas of the business with a strategic mindset for market entry and application potential.

Anya Valyashko


Marketing Manager

With a background in national and international recognized companies, Anya is experienced across a range of strategic marketing, project management and communication roles.

Her role in Tectonus combines her passion for producing engaging content and creative ways to showcase new technology and its benefits to society. With a strategic approach to stakeholder engagement, communication and design, Anya enjoys working with the team to bring new projects to life.