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Christchurch, New Zealand
Construction Status Completed
Structural Engineers  WSP (Opus) NZ
Main Contractor Hanham & Philip

Multi Story School Expansion

Founded in 1987, the longstanding Christchurch Cathedral College added a new building to its facilities.  The multi-storey timber structure houses a new administration office, reception, staff offices and classroom.

The building was designed using industry-leading resilient and sustainable systems, with CLT timber used throughout. Careful consideration was taken in choosing the design elements - placing importance on environmentally conscious solutions and post-seismic event operation.

Tectonus devices were easily fitted in the profile of the rocking shearwalls and left exposed as part of the interior design (as a visible demonstration of the school's commitment to long-term seismic resilience).

Each Tectonus device is performance tested to ensure it is to the correct specification and serial plated for tracing.

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