Reliable tank storage


New Zealand Wineries specialise in providing wine making services with reliable tank storage to premium New Zealand and international wine producers. With the expansion of facilities, Tectonus was proud to provide 150kN capacity units for the new block of wine tanks. As a provider of wine making and storage, ensuring wine tanks can withstand seismic sequences is part of the core business offer with the vineyards choosing to secure their harvest in the company’s facilities.

Key Features

  • Multi cycle capacity devices
  • Maintenance free (with no sacrificial elements)
  • Each unit is performance tested and verified
  • Installed on site with minimum time and labour requirements
  • Seismic demand on foundations and tank walls was reduced by approximately 30% with RSFD units
  • Tectonus design assisted in meeting Insurance requirements
“R” FACTOR = 1
Tank volume: 125kL  
Tank diameter: 4.4m
Tank height: 9m
Tectonus can customise RSFD units to
any required specifications and units are
designed to have 50% extra deflection capacity.
New Zealand Wineries