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ReidBrace Xtrem Product Renders_Online
08 April 20243 min read

Ramset and Tectonus launch ReidBrace Xtrem™ cross-bracing system

ReidBrace™ Xtrem™ powered by Tectonus™: The Ultimate Cost-Effective Seismic Solution

Introducing ReidBrace™ Xtrem™ powered by Tectonus, a revolutionary bracing system with efficient energy absorption capabilities that is set to lower the cost of seismic compliance for building owners in New Zealand and future proofs them against earthquakes.

ReidBrace™ Xtrem™ is a collaboration between two industry leaders: Ramset™ and Tectonus, specialists in seismic engineering. Ramset™ ReidBrace™ is an off-the-shelf system that provides tension bracing of structures, tie-back applications, retrofits, and temporary works bracing, with proven performance. With around two decades of trust by engineers, it is an effective lateral load-resisting system.

Tectonus solutions dampen and self-center all in one, providing continuous protection through aftershocks and limiting residual drift to below 0.1%. With precise ductility control and best in class overstrength factor, Tectonus devices enable upfront savings on structural materials, as well as post-quake low damage benefits.

Integrating the popular Ramset™ ReidBrace™ with Tectonus’ self-centering technology dampers triples the seismic capacity of the ReidBrace™ system by introducing efficient earthquake energy absorption, allowing it to be used in broader building types in high seismic regions. In addition, the system can yield upfront construction savings through reduction of steel and concrete in the structure and foundations.


Revolutionizing construction in New Zealand

ReidBrace™ Xtrem™ is creating a new way of building for New Zealand, especially in seismic-prone regions.

ReidBrace™ Xtrem™ provides self-centering, multi-cycle energy dissipation, and reduces residual drift. Buildings with self-centering capabilities are more resilient to seismic events, better equipped to withstand earthquakes, and have a reduced likelihood of catastrophic failure. Self-centering structures are designed to remain operational or quickly return to service following an earthquake, enhancing the safety and security of occupants, which can be critical for emergency response efforts.

This reduces the risk of serious injury, minimizes post-quake damage, and results in less downtime after a significant seismic event.

Using the well-known 500E Grade continuously threaded ReidBar™, ReidBrace™ is commonly used in steel-framed buildings (warehouses, large format retail, commercial and industrial structures) to give lateral strength against wind and earthquakes.

Cost-effective seismic compliance

Since the devastating Christchurch earthquakes, seismic compliance has become a large and costly issue for New Zealand.

ReidBrace™ Xtrem™ is a more cost-effective and sustainable solution than the traditional method of increasing concrete and steel in buildings in earthquake-prone regions or demolishing and rebuilding to meet new building codes in seismic-prone areas.

The non-invasive system can be retrofitted, reducing the cost of raw materials and labor to rebuild, and the simplicity of installation compared to tension-compression braces provides a substantial cost saving.

The solution also improves the ability to use higher ductility in building designs, which opens the opportunity to reduce the size of structural members​. Incorporating higher ductility into structural designs allows for more efficient material use, leading to lighter structural components without compromising safety. This approach not only optimizes construction costs but also contributes to more aesthetically pleasing architectural possibilities by offering greater flexibility in design.

Designed for retrofits and new builds

ReidBrace™ Xtrem™ has been created with design engineers and installers in mind as a cost-effective method for new builds and retrofits in seismic-prone areas.

The solution revolutionizes construction by minimizing damage during seismic events and prioritizing occupant safety. Other benefits include:

  • Fast installation – simple and easy to install
  • Minimum disruption – minimally intrusive installation processes​ for retrofit/remodel applications
  • Future-proof construction – the self-centering nature of the solution minimises post-quake damage, enabling less downtime to reoccupy the building

The ReidBrace™ Xtrem™ system offers versatile applications tailored to enhance seismic resilience across various types of structures, including:

  • New builds or retrofitting of existing earthquake-prone buildings
  • Single-storey industrial/warehousing applications
  • Multi-storey commercial/residential applications

Tested and certified seismic protection

ReidBrace™ Xtrem’s engineered design is comprised of individual systems that have been tested under seismic conditions.

Having been rigorously and independently tested by the University of Auckland’s Structural Test Laboratory, ReidBrace™ provides confidence in performance. Tectonus dampers have been extensively proof-tested at Tectonus’ testing facilities.

In seismic retrofits, the combined system lowers demand on the structure and foundations which can result in significant cost savings for building owners. It can be installed with minimal disruption to building occupiers.


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