Revolutionary seismic protection FOR TANKS

Tectonus RSFD anchorage devices protect tanks through earthquakes & aftershocks

The RSFD technology

The Tectonus Resilient Slip Friction Damper (RSFD) is a self-centring , damage-free anchorage system that offers superior seismic protections for storage tanks and assets.


Damage-Free & Ready for aftershocks
High energy dissipation
New & exisiting tanks (weldable)
Maintenance free

Earthquakes can cause significant damage to tanks during the initial event and further during aftershocks. If sacrificial components or complete replacement is required between events, the tanks are at risk.

Designed for long term protection. With No sacrificial parts or maintenance.

How it works

The Tectonus RSFD dissipates earthquake energy through friction by the clamped shaft in the cylinder, while inherent spring action provides the re-centring force.

Performance testing for each unit

To ensure each RSFD device performs to the required capacity each device is tested and certified.

Tectonus Tank solution