Structural Health Monitoring

Critical information following earthquakes

Making assessments and decisions post event relies information on the structural health.

Tectonus offers options to support your needs

Mechanical gauge

Sensor system

Mechanical gauge

Tectonus mechanical gauge can be fitted connections to show the displacement caused from the seismic event.

Low maintenance

  • Easy to read visual display
  • Accurate & immediate information
  • Accelerates seismic assessment analysis
  • No power or data management system required
  • High strength components
  • Simple installation and replacement

For instant visual verification of the device displacement post event - the Tectonus mechanical gauge provides an accurate instant indication of energy dissipation of that device.

Easy identification of device seismic load post event.

SMART sensor system

Tectonus SMART sensor and data system offers structural health information delivered to user interface.

Continuous monitoring

  • Accurate & immediate information
  • Continuous data monitoring
  • Accelerates seismic assessment analysis
  • IL4 instant assessment solution
  • Connected sensor system through building
  • Visual of structural overall health summarised

For structures that require continued structural health information to be available for risk assessment - the Tectonus SMART sensor system allows for multiple unit data to be provided without visual checks.

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