The RSFJ-Shearwall is a connection that acts as hold down for shearwalls, allowing displacements both in plane and out of plane.

The solution offers recentering and does NOT require post event maintenance making it the ideal long-term solution for rocking shearwalls or columns.


  • /Self-centring
  • /No post event maintenance: Reduced costs when considering earthquake sequences
  • /Scalability: Can be installed in parallel to increase the capacity
  • /Arrives on site ready for install (no secondary steps required)


New and retrofit projects, and can be implemented to all types of buildings; steel, timber, concrete, or a hybrid of any.

  • /Multi story
  • /Industrial Applications


The dimensions of the RSFJ products mostly depend on the demand deflection. To support the application of RSFJs in a wide range of shearwall sizes, the RSFJ products are provided in 2 different ranges of deflections: up to 40mm, and 40 to 80mm. The following table shows the approximate dimensions of RSFJ products.


See the RSFJ Structual Modelling Guide