RSFJ Brace

Tension & Compression Brace

The RSFJ-Brace is a brace element that is designed to work in tension and compression. The Brace offers re-centering and does NOT require post event maintenance making it the ideal long-term bracing solution for large capacity applications. 

It is installed within a steel diagonal section and is protected by a jacket. All the ductility is in the Brace.


  • /Self-centring
  • /No post event maintenance: Reduced costs when considering earthquake sequences
  • /Scalability: Can be installed in parallel to increase the capacity
  • /Arrives on site ready for install (no secondary steps required)
  • /Length of diagonal brace can be adjusted for site imperfections
  • /Jacket prevents buckling


New and retrofit projects, and can be implemented to all types of buildings; steel, timber, concrete, or a hybrid of any.

  • /Multi story
  • /Industrial applications
  • /Industrial pallet racks


The dimensions of the RSFJ products mostly depend on the demand deflection. To support the application of RSFJs in a wide range of brace sizes, the RSFJ products are provided in 2 different ranges of de sections: up to 40mm, and 40 to 80mm. The following table shows the approximate dimensions of RSFJ products.


See the RSFJ Structual Modelling Guide