Fast + Epp Head Office

Vancouver, Canada

Construction status

In progress

Structural engineers



f2a Architects


Established 1985, Fast + Epp is an internationally recognised structural engineering firm headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. They are known for their holistic design and their award winning projects prove their forward thinking approach to structures of all types - notably The Richmond Olympic Oval, UBC Tallwood House and The Spar.

Situated on the Ring of Fire, Vancouver is prone to experience seismic activity. The Fast+Epp team designed their office with a complete innovative and practical approach.

The hybrid, mass timber superstructure which includes Tectonus connections was erected in 4 weeks. The building is expected to be open in late 2020.

Visit the Fast + Epp website for more information.

Seamless fit for rocking shearwalls

The Tectonus units fit seamlessly into the profile of the shearwalls.

A knife plate is installed within the transverse layers. Dowels of different sizes can be used.

The out-of-plane rocking is ensured through the use of a swivel bearing at the bottom pin connection.