RSFJ product tables

While the RSFJ is theoretically capable of an infinite configuration variety, Tectonus has designed a number of standard configurations which suit many purposes. Should your application not be covered by these standard configurations please contact Tectonus to discuss a custom design

The standard configurations are categorised based on a combination of the groove angle maximum deflection.
Each product configuration generates a specific hysteresis curve which can be easily identifed by the values provided in the tables. This flag-shaped behaviour can then be incorporated into SAP2000 for structural modeling and analysis under cyclic loading, as described in the RSFJ limitless possibilities section above.

Note: For the illustrated hysteresis curves, Fslip could be set by the designer (typically as 50% of Fult)

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Category 30

Fresidual = 0.46*Fslip

Category 25

Fresidual = 0.41*Fslip

Category 20

Fresidual = 0.34*Fslip